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Morinda Citrifolia
Empower Yourself
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To Create Team Work
To Succeed by making others Succeed
To Own your own vehicle for Success
To be in the front of the wave of the future

Divine Noni

The Great Facts about Divine Noni
Pack Size
Divine Noni
800 ML Each
Rs 3195/-
First of its kind in India, Totally Clean and Pure
Divine Noni tonic is prepared from Noni fruit processed from whole Noni fruit ( Morinda citrifolia) , specially grown in India, away from human habitation, meticulously harvested and processed by traditional herbal masters with no fumigants, no toxic flavorings or commercial fruit juice used.
Besides being predominantly formulated from the extracts of Morinda Citrifolia, Divine Noni also has a combination of high quality natural health enhancer in it.
Divine noni tonic is many times richer in Noni fruit solids than other NONI products.
In addition the cold processing assures that all the enzymes, nutrients , vitamins , minerals and fiber remain, just the way it was picked , nothing added, nothing removed.
Samples of each batch of Divine Noni is tested to verify the purity of each bottle.
Divine noni is also tested by the world’s most reputable analytical laboratories.
The test results show that the Divine Noni is pure and more wholesome than most foods we eat everyday.
Further they show that the Divine Noni is pure and more wholesome and without toxin residues of any kind.

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The reports guarantee the High Quality of the product, and they certify that Divine Noni is immaculately clean and perfectly pure.
IN fact, Divine Noni is tested 2 times more than what is required by the authorities because we are committed to provide you the best product in the world, with the highest quality.
This is our ongoing commitment
Exclusively Formulated
The Divine Noni’s manufacturing formula is exclusive to Health India Laboratories of Webfund Foundation Pvt. Ltd.
It is proprietary and is impossible to duplicate.
Health India Laboratories prepares and process Divine Noni in its own facility with Pharma standards.

Other Special Features of Divine Noni
  • It is backed by ongoing research
  • Is positioned in the fast growing segment of wellness industry
  • Is led by a team of most committed and experienced scientists

Directions for drinking Divine Noni

Shake well before use
Dilute Divine Noni with milk, water or other juices !
Always Drink on an Empty Stomach
30 minutes before food. Drink lots of water throughout the day.

Days 1 to 3 :
Take 1 Teaspoon (5ml) 30 mts. before Breakfast
Take 1 Teaspoon (5ml) 30 mts. before Dinner
Children : 1/2 teaspoon, a.m. and p.m.

Days 4 to  6 :
Take 2 Teaspoons (10ml) 30 mts. before Breakfast
Take 2 Teaspoon (10ml) 30 mts. before Dinner
Children : 1/2 teaspoon, a.m. and p.m.

Month 1 - 6 :
Drink 3 Teaspoons (15ml) 30 mts.before Breakfast
Drink 3 Teaspoons (15ml) 30 mts. before Dinner
Children : Use 1/2 dosage a.m. and p.m.

Month 7 and After :
Drink 2 Teaspoon (10ml) 30 mts. before Breakfast
Drink 2 Teaspoon (10ml) 30 mts. before Dinner
Children : Use 1/2 dosage a.m. and p.m.
Dosage can be increased / decreased as per your body condition.
Drink plenty of good clean water throughout the day to help your body flush out toxins. If you get a Cleansing Response (a headache, soft motion, belching or itchy skin), drink more water and skip a dose or two depending on how you feel.
Commit to drinking Divine Noni for at least 6 months.
Procedure to Take Noni
  1. Find ten minutes to do this procedure. Ideally, it should be at a time when the house is quiet and you can be alone.
  2. Measure the amount of Noni that you want to take, and pour it into a glass. Dilute with water, or other juices.
  3. Find a comfortable place to sit. Hold your glass of Noni on your lap. Relax and close your eyes.
  4. Take three long, deep breaths. On each inhale, breathe in new life and vitality. Imagine youthful energy filling your body. On each exhale, let your worries slip away. Visualise the stress and tension leaving your body.
  5. Take a sip of Noni.
  6. Repeat Steps 4 and 5 until your dose is finished. Take as much time as you want. Meanwhile, nurture a feeling of gratitude for Noni, your body, and Nature.
  7. It is essential that Noni has to be taken on an empty stomach almost at the same time everyday so that the Proxeronine in Noni enters the intestine without being digested in the stomach. This promotes further metabolical activities.
  8. Take lots of good clean water along with Noni.
Here are some ideas to make the drinking of Divine Noni more interesting
  1. Mix Divine Noni in a glass of chilled water or juice and drink. This will taste great and you can impress your guests with the same.
  2. Mix Divine Noni in a glass of milk (hot or cold) and children will love to drink it. Children will love this new Noni shake.
  3. Noni mixes well with any fruit juice. This is a great way of keeping yourselves healthy (by taking a lots of fluids with Noni regularly.)
  4. After a long and tiring day, Noni in a glass of chilled water makes a very refreshing drink.
  5. If you meditate early in the morning, after meditation bless Divine Noni and sip it.
Always dilute Noni and drink.
Drink lots of water throughout the day.
We are sure that you will find many interesting ways in which you can have Noni. These are a few from us.
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The Company: Health India Laboratories: HIL
Health India Laboratories is born out of the commitment to create a World of Wellness, to experience wellbeing in everyday living of human being.

Health India Laboratories (HIL), founded in 2001, is a GMP / HACCP Organic/HALAL/ISO 9001: 2000 certified organization leading the wellness industry in the world.

Health India Laboratory is successfully marching ahead with its slogan “Health People! Healthy World!”. The company is geared up by its extraordinary break throughs, strong ethics and professional corporate standards in its operations to bring forth excellence in every area of its activities.

As a business house the philosophy of HIL has been to adhere to all the laws of the land by being a role model organization that does legal and ethical business. We are proud that we follow all constitutional obligations, requisite licenses, statutory norms and taxation laws, providing a professional approach to everyone who comes in contact with us.

Our Context: Wellness and Wellbeing for all.

Our Vision: 
To create a disease free world of healthy, wealthy and happy people with no one left out.

Our Mission:
To build a Technologically, Economically, Socially Developed, Healthy and Empowered India .

Our Commitment:
To be the leader of Wellness Industry in the World.
Health India Laboratories manufactures a powerful Liquid Natural Health Enhancer called Divine Noni Gold that is made from the fruit Morinda citrifolia combining other powerful Indian herbs.
Noni, the Nature’s gift to the humanity is well nurtured at Health India Laboratories to bring the health enhancing benefits of the Noni fruit to people.
Health India Laboratories has thoughtfully integrated the entire gamut of operations under one roof, like Research & Development, Mass Organic cultivation of the fruit, Processing & Manufacturing Marketing and Exporting of its products under the brand of Divine Noni
Research & Development on Morinda :
World Noni Research Foundation (WNRF) the research wing of HIL.WNRF’s mission is to popularize Noni cultivation to uplift the farming community. To standardize Noni cultivation practices with minimum organic inputs and maximum output. To establish Therapeutic action of Noni in various diseases and to create awareness about the Health enhancing properties of Noni.
The Research and Development is divided into the following programme areas viz.:
1. Noni Crop Development Research
2. Noni Plant Protection Research
3. Noni Clinical Research
4. Noni Pharmacological Research
5. Noni Experimental Research
6. Noni Food Science Research
WNRF of HIL has established advanced field research centers across the country to serve as a field laboratory viz.:
Research Centres located in the following areas:
• Divine Noni Tissue Culture Laboratory, Sholinganallur, Tamil Nadu
• Centre for Organic Divine Noni (CODN), Salavakkam, Tamil Nadu
• Noni Research and Training Centre (NRTC), Pullur, Vijayawada, AP
• Noni Research and Training Centre, (NRTC) Sirur, Pune, Maharashtra,
• Noni Research and Training Centre (NRTC), Malur, Bangalore, Karnataka.
• Noni Research and Training Centre (NRTC), Vadakancherry, Trissur, Kerala.
WNRF is headed by Dr. Kirti Singh Former Chairman, Agricultural Scientists Recruitment Board, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi and Former Vice-Chancellor of Agricultural Universities of Palampur (Himachal Pradesh), Raipur (Chhatisgarh) and Faizabad (Uttar Pradesh) with the Research Council of Scientists and Doctors representing various research programme areas of the Foundation
A Ten member Research Advisory Board (RAB) comprising of Former and Serving Vice-Chancellors and eminent Scientists guide the Research Agenda of WNRF. The eminent scientists like Dr. K. V Peter, Dr. P. Rethinam and Dr. Brahma Singh provide the advisory services to WNRF.
World Noni Research Foundation has sponsored projects to organizations like Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), University of Madras and Sankara Nethralaya.
WNRF also provides library and infrastructural support as well as coordinates research projects located in various parts of India. The WNRF serves as a facilitatory body for all Noni Researchers, farmers, processors, marketers and consumers to establish a sustainable Noni economy network.
The WNRF websites, national and international journals, magazines, News Letters provide a science based neutral forum for researchers to publish their research findings with different Morinda species to unveil amazing health secrets of Morinda Citrifolia on goingly.
The extra-ordinary results of Divine Noni are due to an ongoing research by our team of well-qualified academicians and scholars.
We are associated with many reputed universities and other institutions for our research activities along with Morinda Research at Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) of Part Blair, Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI), University of Madras and Sankara Nethralaya.
WNRF is also funding the following projects for extensive research on Morinda citrifolia in different areas:
1. Surveillance of insect pests of morinda citrifolia L. in west coast of Kerala and Karnataka by M.S Swaminathan Research Foundation, Chennai.

2. Sudies on anti inflammatory, antibacterial and immunomodulatory activity of Noni in experimental animals, Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa vidyala, Jabalpur (M P).

3. Pest and their natural enemies of morinda in south India an eco friendly pest management, Sun agro Biotech research Center,Chennai.

4. Exploring DAPS and Phenazine producing PGPR Strains and Fungal antagonists for the management of diseases of Noni, Tamilnadu Agricultural University.

5. Influence of Morinda cirtifolia on AKT induced regulation of cox-2 in experimental Glioma, University of Madras.

6. Diseases of Morinda in south India and their eco-friendly management by SAB Research center, Chennai, India.

7. Project with Marathwada Agri University, Parvani, Maharastra and more
A well-documented systematic research is our strength, backed by Scientific Research Programme.
The Backward Integration of HIL: Mass Cultivation of Morinda
HIL is backed by the strong backward integration geared up to support the ongoing demand & supply of future global requirement with commercial cultivation of Noni.

Morinda citrifolia is a perennial plant growing upto 20 feet in wide range of climatic and soil conditions.

Morinda citrifolia plant of Indian origin was re-identified in the year 2001 by Prof. P. I. Peter.

Divine Noni Cultivation Council (INCC), the backward integration wing of HIL launched Commercial cultivation under Organic Contract Farming.

A Scientific Organic package of practices of Noni cultivation is developed and implemented successfully all over India.
Memorandum of Agreements have been signed with the 422 Cultivators in different states assuring 100% buy back of Noni fruits at a pre determined price.

Noni is now cultivated in Tamilnadu, Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andaman & Nicobar islands covering more than 1,850 acres under Organic Contract Farming.

Agreements have been signed for Cultivation of this crop in West Bengal, Chattisgarh, Punjab and Meghalaya.

World Noni Research Foundation is engaged in continuous improvement of this Crop by well organized research.

WNRF has successfully developed a Tissue Culture Lab and standardized a protocol for mass micro propagation of Noni plants to ensure that there is no dearth of fruits in future.
This tissue culture lab also helps for the technological experimentation of the plant morinda like :
• Initiation & maintenance of leaf calli culture of Morinda citrifolia

• Initiation of cell suspension culture of Morinda citrifolia

• Growth analysis of Cell suspension culture of Morinda citrifolia

• Cell counting / Density parameter.

• Individual cell plating & Regeneration of Morinda citrifolia plant from single cell.

• Cell line selection under various Biotic & Abiotic factors to produce superior clone of Morinda citrifolia.

• Mass multiplication of Morinda citrifolia through in-vitro.

• Initiation of Elite clones.
Divine Noni Cultivation Council (DNCC) supports farmers for Noni cultivation with the monthly visits and training to ensure that the desired harvest is achieved to make the farmers win.

WNRF /INCC also supports farmers affected by Tsunami in Andaman Nicobar Islands through a Tripartite agreement with the Central Agricultural Research Institute (CARI) and Farmers for Organic Contract cultivation of Noni.

HIL being the leader in the intensive research and development on the morinda cultivation, we bring with us the proven expertise of multiple farming experience of its experts
At HIL our In-situ & Ex-situ Research and Development of NONI is Committed to organic farming - caters to Agri biotechnological research, Germplasm collection, evaluation & conservation Manurial studies ,Micronutrient studies, Plant population experiments, Plant architectural studies, IPM studies, Water management & water requirement studies at various stages, Inter cropping studies, Rain fed farming, Tissue Culture plants evaluation, Evaluation of organic formulations, Seed treatment studies, vegetative propagations, production of quality plantlets and development of morinda plantation and training.
HIL is leading towards to be the technology hub for Noni to propagate knowledge across the world.

Our Regional Noni Research and training centers (NRTCs) across the country facilitates the training and empowers farmers for organic cultivation. Our nationwide network provides better integration of our services and support. HIL provides unmatched guidance through entire project from conception to completion through easier access to our trained Agri professionals.

HIL provides prompt, personalized support and services for crop monitoring and guidance for optimal results.
The Strong Forward Integration of HIL: Processing, Manufacturing, Marketing and Exports
HIL employs the state of the art technology at every step of processing and manufacturing of its products, as we are an organization obsessed with quality. CFTRI (Central Food Technological Research Institute) of Government of India analyses our product constantly while Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) Certifications meet the International food safety standards.
Our sustained quality maintenance with no pesticides, no chemicals and no toxins has won us the customer loyalty.Noni juice is being manufactured and marketed under the registered brand name Divine Noni.
Divine Noni is manufactured under strict standards of Quality, Safety and Hygiene Conditions Every Batch of Divine Noni is tested for its safety and quality before it is released to the market. Divine Noni is safe and there are no side effects and it requires no dietary restrictions.
The Research Team of HIL has successfully developed 168 Noni based health and beauty care products viz:
1. Noni Fruit Juice Concentrate (Divine Noni Gold)
2. Noni Face Care Products - 25 nos.
3. Noni Oral care - 05 nos.
4. Noni Hair care - 07 nos.
5. Noni Body care - 12 nos.
6. Noni Hand & Feet care - 09 nos.
7. Noni Ready to Serve Fruit juice - 16 nos.
8. Noni Foods (Jam, Sauces, Tee) - 17 nos.
9. Noni Plant Care Products - 11 nos.
10. Noni Plant protectors - 06 nos.
11. Noni Home Care Products - 04 nos.
12. Noni Common herbs capsules - 16 nos.
13. Noni Special herbs capsules - 13 nos.
14. Noni Disease capsules - 12 nos.
15. Noni Health range capsules - 15 nos.
Millions of Divine Noni users are experiencing the health enhancing benefits including the extraordinary level of energy, vitality, stamina and power.

HIL implement a set of practical systems in the food chain from primary production to final consumption which are measurable and traceable at each stage. The high degree of hygiene and sanitation controls are maintained to assure quality and safe products.
The users of Noni in the last five years have found remarkable positive health improvements from common cold to cancer and HIV.
Thousands of Testimonials of people suffering from diabetes, B.P., arthritis, cancer, renal problems are documented and published by World Noni Research Foundation (WNRF).
HIL markets its product through wellness marketing programmes and online e-commerce (e-Shoppe) throughout India and the Noni products are well accepted in the market.

The performance of HIL in the financial year 2006-07 has touched around Rs.9800 Lakhs.
At a time where modern-day living has created life threatening health hazards and wellbeing complexities, we have dedicated ourselves to ensure Global Health by being a legitimate player and leader in the Wellness Industry.

This gives us a definite edge in the market place and we have already been able to make our presence felt.
Divine Noni is exported to:
• Austria
• Holland
• Germany
• Srilanka
• Thailand
Plans are in pipeline to export Divine Noni fruit juice and other products in the near future are:
• Canada
• UK
• Kuwait
• Oman
• Bangladesh
• Nepal
• Sudan and many more countries
HIL is the members of many reputed industry and trade organizations, just to name a few:
• Confederation of Indian Industry (CII)
• Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI)
• Federation of Indian Export Organization (FIEO) and
• EU India Chamber of Commerce
• Indo German Chamber of commerce (IGCC)
• Licensed from the Ministry of Food Processing Industries of Government of India
• Certified by SGS of France
Fulfilling the Social Responsibility :
HIL through its Charity wing Divine Noni Charitable Trust (INCT) supports hospitals and homes of HIV / AIDS, Cancer and mentally retarded patients with free Divine Noni juice.
Health India Laboratories through Divine Noni juice and other Noni based products provide better health to people enabling them to fully experience life and contribute to National wealth.
HIL provides sustainable ecological security for the morinda species and income and employment opportunities for rural poor.
HIL believes that the synergistic effort of scientists and people of Noni Solidarity’s would empower millions of ordinary masses to live a healthy life and to find dignity and economic freedom.
This will lead to the realization of our vision,
“Healthy People, Healthy World”


World Noni Research Foundation is devoted to intensive research and scientific study of the plant Morinda citrifolia L.. WNRF is a non-profit, self-sustaining and independent operating entity that believes in generating scientific knowledge upto the molecular level on all aspects of the crop like improvement, plant protection, clinical research, pharmacological and food science research.

Morinda citrifolia L, commonly called Noni, is native to Polynesia and India and found especially in the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Australia, South Pacific and Caribbean Island. Noni contains numerous phytochemicals, antioxidants, vitamins and micro and macronutrients which help us in various ways from cell to self. Therapeutic uses of Noni are recorded in Indian systems of medicine - Ayurveda and Siddha. World Noni Research Foundation is committed to revive the age-old wisdom of using the Noni fruit on a day-to-day basis as our ancestors. WNRF works with the goal of creating a healthy, wealthy and literate population in a world of wellness and wellbeing.

WNRF aims at a “disease free world”, where science based research plays a vital role in documenting what makes the Noni plant so beneficial, special and unique.

WNRF located in Chennai, India provides knowledge and infrastructural support and coordinates the foundation’s research projects spread throught India.

There are  Five Research Programmes
1. Noni Crop Developmental Research
2. Noni Plant Protection Research
3. Noni Clinical Research
4. Noni Pharmacological Research
5. Noni Food Science Research